Reclaimed Freedom: Fact or Fiction

ensemble theatre · 321 on fire! performing artist collective · Ages 17+ · includes nudity · world premiere · United States of America

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Review by anonymous

June 11, 2016
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tagged as: fun · creative · intriguing

What I liked

This was my first time to the fringe festival so I wasn’t sure what to expect out of the shows. The full nudity surprised me but the fact that every male in the cast was involved I felt it projected a positive statement of normalcy, rawness and honesty to the audience

What I didn't like

The only thing that threw me off was the improv scenes. The scenes themselves were hilarious and I understand the idea of breaking up the show to have all elements of emotion for the audience because of the dark subject matter but it felt random in the entire spectrum of the show. Either add another improv scene to speak it throughout the show or cut it all together and keep the same scenes as script.

My overall impression

I felt the cast was well prepared and comfortable with all of their roles. I was surprised this was only the opening night and it makes me excited to see how much further they can go with their talents

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