The Simple Simples

comedy · wet the hippo · Ages 18+ · United States of America

“A screwball comedy in the surrealist vein of Monty Python…beautiful timing that stays ahead of the audience with quick changes and surprises, weaving an absurd logic of its own” – STAGE RAW

“linguistic bombastics and balletic slapstick finds its emotional core in each performer’s willingness to take off their mask and reveal their all­ too ­raw, all ­too ­personal innards” – FLAUNT

An experience akin to reaching into a bag forever, or perhaps diving into the shallow end. Even more specifically, this show will be like finding out your grandma was hot. No promises will be made and yet some will be broken. We fully expect audience members to leave with the sensation of having walked on a very poorly maintained hiking trail but with greater understanding of what watching TV outside while eating flat donuts is like.

If you’ve never had the feeling of getting CPR from your best friend’s sister, here is your chance. Don’t miss out on the show everyone will be using as a transitional conversation piece. Like fruit loops. Exactly like fruit loops. Fruit loops, fruit loops, fruit loops, ad infinitum.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran