Simon Coronel: Alien of Extraordinary Ability

cabaret & variety · black label productions · Ages 15+ · Australia

one person show
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Review by anonymous

June 12, 2016 certified reviewer

What I liked

Amazing slight of hand. Loved the comedy parts of the word prediction routine. Creative handling of some classic effects, with some fun twists I didn’t see coming.

What I didn't like

For the card trick at the beginning, the camera was great. But for the other close up tricks, it was like of just in the way and not entirely necessary with it being such a small theater. Could’ve seen the other tricks not requiring a top down perspective better live at the front of the stage.

My overall impression

Great show. Good rapport with the audience. Amazing slight of hand skills. Fun anecdotes, and the title was confusing going in, but awesome with the explanation given during the show. SEE THIS SHOW!

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