BLINK & You Might Miss Me

theatre · combined artform · Ages 16+ · United States

one person show
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LARRY BLUM uncertified reviewer May 23, 2011
A must see performance!!! Very well done. A+ experience. My partner and I had a blast and laughed our butts off. We really enjoyed the videos of his colorful insight of show business and his career. Larry Blum is amazing and funny. Larry, thank you for a fun & wonderful time. Race & Sam West Hollywood... full review
LARRY BLUM uncertified reviewer May 23, 2011
Forget Rona Barrett, Barbara Walters & Harvey Levin...Larry Blum has the celebrity dirt that we all love to hear. A guilty pleasure for me; I hate to admit that I am unable to switch channels when I flip by TMZ sometimes. Mr. Blum uses his costumes as props and plenty of pics and retro-video to make for a very interesting, often funny one-man show. Doe... full review
LARRY BLUM uncertified reviewer June 04, 2011
Since I started the column with a Vilanch-related item, why not end it that way? As we went to press, Bruce and I went to "Blink & You Might Miss Me" - a one-man show written and performed by Larry Blum. You may not recognize the name, but the face is quite familiar to anyone who's watched any number of variety shows, soap operas, or award shows. Larry has worked as an actor, dancer, and more recently, escorting various ladies to the podium at award shows. It's a frothy and fun insider's look at this business we call show and Larry is deliciously dishy. It's playing at the Asylum Lab Theatre in Hollywood and you can get more info at ~ BillyMasters ... full review
CRYSTAL JACKSON uncertified reviewer July 26, 2011
Larry Blum is a brilliant story teller. The show was funny and entertaining. The show clips were an awesome addition to the show. You got to see how his life played out before your eyes. Really insightful and informative. Who knew that all those years ago watching those shows there was Larry. His wit plays well with the audience and you will find yourself laughing out loud. There's no business like Larry's show business and boy does he know! ... full review
DOUGLAS MAIDA uncertified reviewer July 26, 2011
well, if Hollywood behind the scene is your thing then you're in luck with BLINK & You Might Miss Me. This cavalcade of stories is brought to us by the horses mouth himself, Larry Blum, not some he said, she said, he said and told his hairdresser kind of thing. And Blum has the pictures, clips and sometimes too "small to believe I ever fit this" costumes to prove he's been there and back and still here and entertaining us with his busy showbiz life. Blum has amassed his many years of showbiz high notes on Broadway & television, along with award & reality shows. The pacing is good. The Stories are just enough to keep you want to hear more. It's not stand up, it's real life. This show is great for any show- biz enthusiast young or old. Run, do... full review
CHARLES ANTEBY uncertified reviewer July 26, 2011
I was so blown away by Larry Blum's BLINK AND YOU MIGHT MISS ME. I've never seen anything like it - one person show or full on play. Autobiographically, proudly and passionately , Larry takes us briefly through his upbringing in the Bronx and his love for show business to his Manhattan and Broadway experiences to his hilarious start in Hollywood to today. No, he's not a big star - but yes, he works all the time and has such funny and endearing stories about himself and celebrities(Streep, Zelwegger, Ann-Margaret, Tomlin and dozens of others, including a U.S. president! ) he's worked with and gotten to know. He's okay not being a star, but he's been on television a lot, hence the title. The show is unique, laugh filled and charmingly pre... full review
LARRY BLUM uncertified reviewer June 04, 2011
Larry Blum, last name rhymes with 'glum,' is a hysterical, astute personality who speaks the truth no matter how embarrassing it might be. He is the go-to guy when you want to find out some gossip on anyone. His hilarious one-man show, "BLINK and You Might Miss Me," is a treasure of entertaining tidbits about Blum's career in show business. He's not as recognizable as actors Matthew McConaughey or Al Pacino, but if you saw Blum you could easily pick him out of comedian line-up. His charismatic personality and bigger-than-life persona are what reels a person in and lets the audience bask in his clever storytelling. Blum began his illustrious entertainment career as an on-camera talent escort. You've seen these people. They are the o... full review