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ensemble theatre · macha theatre/films · Ages 18+ · includes nudity · United States of America

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Review by anonymous

June 19, 2016 certified reviewer
tagged as: boring · amateurish · ponderous · turgid

What I liked

I liked Andres something in the role of the transvestite. He was the only one who brought any life to his/her role.

What I didn't like

What was the director thinking casting herself in the lead role, when she was easily 35 years too old? She wasn’t right for the role anyway. What was the deal about the twin sister with 2 moles? They brought her up and dropped her and we never heard about it again. Why is there a whole scene dedicated to a character walking into a hotel room, picking up a suitcase and leaving — and nothing else. What was the bit about Castro sleeping with a young girl? I did some research (which is more than the author did) there is not even a hint of that. Besides, a good playwright doesn’t bring up the subject of pedophilia as some sort of minor sub-plot and not deal with it fully. WHY AM I SUPPOSED TO CHAR ABOUT THESE PEOPLE? Badly directed, artlessly written, amateurishly acted for the most part, light and sound crews didn’t know their cues.

My overall impression

It was a vanity project, and a pretty slap-dash one at that. I would be hesitant to go to another fringe festival program if this is typical fare.

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