ensemble theatre · hotfoot · Ages 15+ · United States of America

world premiere

“Tense, honest, cathartic.”

“Fantastic writing, amazing acting. Go see this!”

“If you want to see a great show this Fringe Fest Season, go see DISRUPTED

“Be one of the lucky ones; see this tremendous show.”

“Beautifully quiet while subtly raging….this production will alter you.”

“A wonderful, moving night of theatre. Sarah Navritil and Catherine Kresge will take your breath away.”

“A beautiful story…. Highly recommend this show.”

After their mother’s death, two unlikely sisters, Harrison and Abigail, must come together in an attempt to reconcile a disrupted adoption that caused them to disappear from one another’s lives.

Written by acclaimed memoirist Mary Anna King, and starring Catherine Kresge and Sarah Navritil, DISRUPTED explores what happens when a sibling relationship is unceremoniously broken, and seeks to answer the question of which truth is more true: the one written on paper, or the one we feel in our hearts?

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran