How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

comedy · after dark entertainment · Ages 12+ · United Kingdom

family friendly
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THEATRE UNLEASHED uncertified reviewer June 17, 2011
A Pirate, the Pope or the Predator? Who would you pick for your team when the zombies rise up? Choose carefully. Only one is the right answer. The other two will get you killed. Not sure you picked the right one? Then you need to attend this potentially life-saving (and hilarious) seminar! Simple. Effective. Brilliant. Chock full of delightful comedy in the vein of Monty Python delivered with timing so precise you could set your watch by it, "How To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse is an absolute must-see at this year's Fringe. Think Fast. Get the Facts. When the Zombie Apocalypse happens, you will be glad you did.... full review
RACHEL OGLETREE uncertified reviewer June 21, 2011
This was the most unique audience participatory experience I have ever had. I loved the show and the comedy. I also learned a lot on how to survive a zombie apocalypse!... full review
SCOT THOMAS uncertified reviewer June 19, 2011
From basics down to real hard core information you're going to find it right here in one show, all mixed in with unique comedy, and amazing improv skills. From start to finish this show is entertaining, I don't care if you're a hardcore zombie fan just like me, or the poor lady who admitted to not caring about zombies and being dragged into the show, you're going to have a great time. This group of performers is simply brilliant in what they do, and I highly recommend this show to anyone who loves zombies, or has heard the word zombie.... full review
HADRIAN HOWARD uncertified reviewer June 20, 2011
Insightful, informative, inventive....this play has given me everything I need to come out a winner should the unthinkable occur and the undead arise. Funny and silly in the best possible way, I'd recommend this to anyone looking for something a little left field. Very entertaining.... full review
DREW WELLS uncertified reviewer June 17, 2011
How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse is a fast, funny and smart improv comedy from the UK that even zombie-haters will love. The zombie survival seminar theme provides plenty of structure and comedic opportunity so the show has great pacing and polish. The four talented performers bring their personal take to the zombie survival archetypes: Dr. Dale is the sharp and witty ringmaster who keeps the show running at a smooth clip. Judy is the prim scientist whose professional exterior thinly conceals her outlandish nature (note the shoes). Donald is the insatiable military survivalist with animated expressions straight out of a Tex Avery cartoon. And Tristan is show's inner child, playing happy, gullible "Pinky" to Dr. Dale'... full review
MICHAEL RIZZO uncertified reviewer June 21, 2011
FUN! A very clever performance piece -- the English accents made them seem even smarter and more authoratative to the American audience :) ... full review
MICHAEL FALCON uncertified reviewer June 24, 2011
Did I have any intetest in zombie mania? None before seeing this excrutiatingly funny seminar in avoiding death via the undead. A perfect British ensemble "cast" whose strict authoritative instructions about immutable zombie laws leave no room for discussion, the unfolding and thoroughly silly zombie arcana, and the inability of audience members to answer (or ask) "relevant" questions, leave few --- very, very few --- to survive the experience, making this the best classroom or training seminar experience I've ever had. Those choking sounds you hear are not due to the zombies; they emanate from audience members unable to catch their breaths between lauighing bouts. I'm sorry only that I was not able to experience this more than once, getting... full review