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the lake arrowhead repertory theatre company · Ages 10+ · world premiere · United States of America

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June 13, 2016
With hundreds of shows to choose from, how can you get the most from Hollywood Fringe Festival 2016? Easy. See these three plays and be glad you still see theater.
Fans of storytelling shows like The Moth and Taboo Tales will be touched and moved as each story of personal honesty and truth are beautifully related in an intimate space.
One story may be about a sexist male boss determined to break a woman (Jodi Adler, heart-wrenchingly authentic). Another will bring us a tale of a mother whose children leave home and leave her torn to pieces (Laura Lanoil, equally heartbreaking). Another woman (Jessa Pyette, soulful and loving) talks about being taken in by a Mormon family.
Why the title? Each actor speaks to the audience as if we are the person they are speaking about. With each voice, every member of the audience

We, the actors and artists of The Project, recently found out how powerful it is to just sit and listen to someone express how grateful they are to someone. The funny thing we found out, is just how universal this is; how hungry we are for it. So we wrote “YOU”.

Come spend 45 minutes with us, as we try to get something off our chest: our thanks.

production team

* Fringe Veteran