Sex, Nudity, & Other Weapons of Mass Destruction #bogustitle

ensemble theatre · alliance of los angeles playwrights · Ages 15+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 30, 2016 certified reviewer

What I liked

A hot-and-miss pot pouri which showcased new talent

What I didn't like

Two clinkers sandwiched between two winners!

My overall impression

At the very moment on SAT 06-25 when the ALAP production of these four short plays was beginning its final Fringe show, one mile west at Plummer Park another ALAP production, free, was launching another SIX plays which we may see next year! The star of BOTH shows was playwright Ben Scuglia, whose slick, funny, pro observations launched BOTH collections. His New Play, LIBRARY, deserves a long life and greater exposure but his Fringe show, LONG TIME GONE, which marooned two marginalized middle-aged folk of matching sexes at a wedding party—-delighted its Fringe audience. Even Ben, though, couldn’t top the Fringe-show Finale: MEETUP united two disparate women in a no-win, no-prisoners situation which benefitted enormously from the top-notch performances of its two leads! I’m glad to have seen BOTH ALAP shows on the same day—-and look forward to ALAP at next year’s Fringe!

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