ensemble theatre · proboscis theatre company · Ages 17+ · world premiere · United States of America

From the lunatics who brought you La La La Strada!

Straight from today’s headlines! Two twenty-something women caught in a courtroom drama.

The defendant claims they were just role-playing and the sex/gender play (including penetration with a prosthetic penis) was consensual. The complainant claims she didn’t know her lover of two years was female and is pressing sexual assault charges. Could she really have been tricked for so long? Did the defendant actually commit “gender fraud?” Who is telling the truth? It’s up to the audience/jury to sort out this sexually confusing and gender fluid mess!

production team

jeff mills *

director, co-devisor, producer

erica flor *

actor, co-devisor

erin davison *

stage manager, graphic artist, lighting designer

madelyn rose *

actor, co-devisor

* Fringe Veteran