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June 13, 2016
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What I liked

Autumn Bruewer’s performance carries you effortlessly through the show. She brings an authentic kindness that can snap into ferocity at any moment during the darker spells of Steph’s journey.

The actors shined strongest in their split stage monologues and their consistent ability to land the humorous moments helped connect us to these characters whom we are about to follow into their most dejected state.

The playwright and the director had touching passages in the program that shared why they felt the mission to create this play. They also have links to where you can get help if you are suffering from mental illness. These creators truly care about helping find solutions and that carries through in their passion to what they put on stage.

What I didn't like

The playwright takes a very naturalistic approach to the topic. I would have been interested to see Steph’s battle with depression from a more surrealistic standpoint.

My overall impression

Aimed at bringing awareness/aid to those suffering mental illness, CHEMISTRY is a noble, honest play that challenges us to face the mournful parts of ourselves.

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