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world premiere

FUCK MY LIFE is a new play that follows a diverse group of post-college 20-somethings as they navigate their lives and relationships on-and-offline. The play centers on Melissa, as she lives the Millennial dream of conquering the world while balancing a life of validated adventure and underwritten by an unpaid marketing internship. Though usually careful with her personal online presence, her off-and-online life comes crashing down around her as she gets entangled in her best friend’s messy Facebook break up. Without weighing the repercussions between shots of Jameson and messy hookups, Melissa’s actions begin to adversely affect those closest to her. Could one post completely change the course of Melissa’s life? Fast-paced, funny, and heartfelt, FUCK MY LIFE is equal parts commentary/love letter for the millennial generation coming of age in the digital era.

FUCK MY LIFE started as a status update: literally. Playwright Danny Bernardo was struck one day to see six particular actors onstage together. Each diverse in their talent and awesomeness, Bernardo began writing and the story that emerged was one of social presence and its impact. After many developmental reads in Chicago (with some crowd-source revisions garnered through social media), FUCK MY LIFE is proud to have its first official production at Hollywood Fringe 2016.

featuring company members Taylor Bibat, Sara Gorsky, with Crash Buist, George Infantado, Michael C. Kelly, Adrian Snow, and Golden Globe-winner Bruce Davison as “The Interviewer”.

directed by Carmen Aiello

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Production Team

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