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family friendly world premiere
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Review by anonymous

June 04, 2016 certified reviewer

What I liked

The actress who played Xanthippe. She was able to carry every scene she was in, and the woman who played her friend also handled the dialogue well. Kudos to Xanthippe (the actress who played her), sticking to it and committing 100% to her character’s life, even in the face of mighty challenges.

What I didn't like

The actress who played Xanthippe had to carry every scene she was in because, with the exception of the woman who played her girlfriend convincingly, every other actor either consistently flubbed lines, paused for great lengths of time, or just overacted. As a result, it was impossible to judge the writing, though it seemed quite weak, especially the herald’s lines. It may be that the director did not cast well, did not rehearse the actors, or did not know how to direct, but to pay for a show like this is an insult to the audience.

My overall impression

A very unprepared piece which underserves the actors in it and the audience who sees it.

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