My Manana Comes

ensemble theatre · fountain theatre · Ages 16+ · United States of America

“Engaging!” LA Times * "COMPELLING! TOP TEN RECOMMENDED! Stage Raw * “Don’t miss this one!” Discover Hollywood * SIMPLY PERFECT! A very talented cast!" Broadway World * “EXTRAORDINARY! A don’t-miss production!” Theatre Notes

Four busboys in the kitchen of an upscale restaurant learn the hard way how to deal with pay cuts that could jeopardize their dreams for a better life, their dignity and their friendship. Fast-paced, hip and funny, the play brings to colorful life the camaraderie, sharing of dreams, competition and traitorous backstabbing that climaxes with a powerful dramatic turn at the end. Immigration, the minimum wage crisis, rights for undocumented workers, and citizenship lie at the center of this fast-moving, funny and powerful new LA premiere that examines the true meaning of ”home” and how far we’re willing to go to get there.

Armando Molina directs the Los Angeles premiere of My Mañana Comes by Elizabeth Irwin. Starring Richard Azurdia, Pablo Castelblanco, Peter Pasco and Lawrence Stallings.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran