Here There Be Dragons

solo performance · rogue elephant · Ages 18+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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June 12, 2016 discover hollywood magazine

What I liked

Commodore s a wonderful addition to this one man show.

What I didn't like

The air conditioner was broken and it was quite warm, but it is Los Angeles, it is warm a lot!

My overall impression

Drew Vandiver studied Theatre, Literature, and Mathematics and has been a sawmill worker, a bouncer, a high school teacher, an accountant, a drug dealer, an actor, manager of the world’s largest Victoria’s Secret, and a writer among many other career paths. He has quite the life experience, work experience, and flair for comedy that it is no surprise Here There Be Dragons takes through laughter and tears as he relays some of the stories from his life so far. Commodore, the Ukrainian pup that has been by Drew’s side since 2012, adds a little extra to the story with his own commentary and wandering through the audience looking for attention and a few good belly rubs. As Drew guides the audience through various touching points in his life from his childhood “Drewville” town, the death of his mother, adolescent sexual encounters, alcohol, and his relationship with his father, he also relays Frederick Nietzche’s three metamorphoses of spiritual transformation. While enjoying the stories that Drew Vandiver tells and the company that Commodore provides, each member of the audience may find themselves on their own emotional journey reflecting upon their own life and every moment that they faced the dragon with the glittering “thou shalt” scales. Here There Be Dragons is a wonderfully engaging one man, one dog show with a powerful message that everyone can relate.

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