revelation · Ages 14+ · United States of America

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June 13, 2016 certified reviewer

What I liked

For Gina Omilon’s Hollywood Fringe Festival debut, she does all the right things!

SPOILER ALERT: The show is broken down into individual monologues about people from all walks of life who have experienced one of America’s greatest tragedies in one way, shape, or form. They range from September 11th, Sandy Hook Elementary School, the list goes on and on. As individuals, we can relate to some hot topics more than others. For me, the Sandy Hook Elementary School was what spoke to me the most.

Most of the performers are recent graduates of AMDA: The College and Conservatory for the Performing Arts, which is inspiring to see new talent debuting in this thought-provoking piece. Luke Tennie’s performance as Trayvon Martin was by the best of the piece. The perspective that the piece took and the delivery that he gave was outstanding.

This piece will make you question everything you feel about free will and a higher power. If you are a fan of avanta-garde/absurdist theatre, you will love revelation. And in light of recent events that happened in Orlando, it will give you a sense of how or why bad things happen to good people.

What I didn't like

A lot of the pieces were about how everyone was angry that they didn’t have free will. If there were even more pieces where individuals were happy that they didn’t have free will to counter the negative views on some of these tragedies, I believe the piece would reach a whole new level.

My overall impression

This show will make you question everything you feel about free will and a higher power. Definitely a thought-provoking piece!

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