Love the Body Positive

comedy · american association for nude recreation-western region · Ages 18+ · United States of America

includes nudity

Final show Sat, June 25 at 10:30pm!

Welcome to The Nude Zone….where EVERY body is beautiful! Nude performers AND mandatory nude audience, so we’re all in this together…in real time! You’ll be entertained with comedy, drama and music. There will also be a short talkback discussion, so feel free to chime in about your observations! The one act play, Love the Body Positive (same title as the overall show) addresses naturism and body acceptance. Accomplished playwright Johnna Adams wrote and produced it specifically for The Seattle Fringe Festival back in 2003, presented with nude ushers! We’ve taken her concept one step further. Our recent 5-show run in Studio City was well-received and enjoyed by all, but this time we have an added treat! A fun, unique and liberating event! The performers were interviewed about the show in a local audio podcast called “Love Your Life Now.” The link is posted on our community webpage below. Just click below and the podcast link is posted there.

Supported by: LA Female Playwrights Initiative

**Show guidelines:
Bring a clothing bag or duffel/tote bag, a beach towel (for placing on the seat) and please shower before arriving. NO photography allowed. All cellphones MUST be turned off before entering and stored in your clothing bag in the adjacent Disrobing Room (which will have a clothes check person and bathroom). Footwear is okay to leave on, if you wish. Flat-soled shoes, sneakers and sandals (with or without socks) are fine, but no flip flops. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early. The theater will be a cellphone-free and clothes-free zone for the hour. Imagine that! Security will be present.

Production Team

brian knudson *


cat cela *


* Fringe Veteran