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ensemble theatre · parishunterpaul · Ages 12+ · United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Review by anonymous

June 08, 2016
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What I liked

The creativity in the production was really great. I know they have to work within confining resources and the only way these types of plays work is with a really strong ensemble cast. Everyone really sank their hearts into their performances, you could tell entering the theater that the camaraderie was authentic. These people have gone through it (the work) together and it shows. The moment Dan Louis starts to sing in the beginning you know you are in for a wild ride. Also, love the fact that you cast a female to play male, besides being a phenomenal actor, she is the right one for the role, she brought a real honesty and lovable to charm. The actors are seasoned and the direction is good.

What I didn't like

The blocking gets a little hairy in certain parts, but nothing of note. One character is continually making a gay joke that I don’t think is landing which can get uncomfortable after a while. I would even cut one or two of them. The play is so strong and the acting is great, I feel like it belittles the audience that is already going on a really fun journey with you and your creativity.

My overall impression

I think it is going to be a big highlight of the Fringe Festival this year. The whole ensemble really put in the work to make this something special. The sound design and communal work ethic of the whole cast really makes you dive in with them. I’m excited to see these actors continue their careers.

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