American Man Dream

solo performance · whatthehelldidshesay · Ages 18+ · Mexico

one person show world premiere
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June 06, 2016 certified reviewer

What I liked

Great job involving the audience and connecting on a human personal level with those in attendance, the intimate space helped pull you into the story and allowed her to interact with the audience. Vanessa ably plies her craft in a very personal manner focusing on her sexual experiences and how it shaped her life journey and where it has now led her in LA. Great job using the teddy bear as a stand in for the men in her life, and with such a personal story it really was a great comedic device that helped to highlife the funniest points of the monologue…:)

What I didn't like

The musical score and its introduction into the presentation could have been smoother…

My overall impression

Really enjoyed the show, laughed my ass off, and really understood her a bit more when she was done…on a personal level…great show, great performance..well directed, badass opening nite! Don’t miss it!

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