American Man Dream

solo performance · whatthehelldidshesay · Ages 18+ · Mexico

one person show world premiere
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ALAN SEREBOFF uncertified reviewer June 12, 2016
Loved this show. Vanessa Lua has managed to tackle a sensitive topic head-on with simultaneous hilarity and sadness, taking the audience along on a rollercoaster of funny and poignant moments, in a journey of self-realization. Highly, highly, recommend. ... full review
KEITH PARRY certified reviewer June 13, 2016
Amazing show!! A great mix of comedy and reality. Everyone go see it!... full review
OSCAR ZAPATA certified reviewer June 13, 2016
tagged as: funny · mexican · Catholic · American · dream · entertaining · solo · sinner · innocent · family
I enjoyed this one person show a lot ... full review
LAURA TELLO certified reviewer June 17, 2016
Awesome, excellent...... full review
BENNY LUMPKINS certified reviewer June 16, 2016
A smart, funny, dirty look at sex, the Catholic Church, and God. I loved this show so much, it's definitely a must see.... full review
CATHERINE BUTTERFIELD uncertified reviewer June 17, 2016
An enjoyable and occasionally very funny journey through the trials and tribulations of trying to learn to enjoy sex while remaining a Catholic, told by a charming comedienne. ... full review
ABBY SCHACHNER certified reviewer June 18, 2016
It's a charming, funny, honest way to spend an hour, and Vanessa will definitely make you smile and laugh and realize… we've all been stuck in some way ( sexual or otherwise)... and sometimes the process of getting unstuck is sloppy and unpredictable ... but it's worth it. ... full review
RENE GARCIA certified reviewer June 19, 2016
I highly recommend this show to any adult who is seeking an unforgettably raw, highly vulnerable, fearless, sexually charged, and very humorous performance by a very talented actress, which not only touches on the human sexual experience, but instead dives, head first, into her own which was influenced and hindered by her Catholic guilt, her Mexican culture, her gynecologist father, and past dating experiences. It's a side-splitting and touching performance that will keep you laughing throughout! So, you definitely won't want to miss is it! Vanessa Lua is a definitely a force to be reckoned with! Well done!... full review
AMOREENA - certified reviewer June 25, 2016
An entertaining and humorous personal journey and I enjoyed everything about it! Vanessa's authentiity; definitely this was her story, yet there is something for everyone to relate to. Great comedic storytelling skills, use of props and movement made it thoroughly entertaining, which can be difficult for one person shows to pull off. Brava Vanessa (and Teddy Bear too!)... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 25, 2016
Vanessa is wonderful, a great discovery and someone to watch in future.... full review