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June 05, 2016 certified reviewer
tagged as: wall street · witty · intense · well written · moving

What I liked

Intense, moving, well written. See below.

What I didn't like

The scene changes were long with loading in props that weren’t necessarily used enough to warrant being there at all. But to be fair, it was the preview and I’m sure the cast will become more efficient with this.

Without any knowledge of the trading world some of the dialogue is lost in ignorance but it still doesn’t take away from the overall experience that much.

My overall impression

A well thought out wordy play that provokes equal amounts of shock and heartfelt emotional response from the audience.

There are a couple of violent scenes that are remarkably realistic and the cast does a superb job with their timing throughout.

Stellar performances from everyone, especially the leads and a heart wrenching monologue from David Lee Garver. Zachary Sherman does a fantastic job, even in a small role, of breaking the intensity with some much needed laughs.

I thought an hour and a half might drag on with such an intense setting but it flew by once you were ensconced in the lives and troubles of these ruthless Wall St traders.

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