ensemble theatre · bam · Ages 17+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 25, 2016 certified reviewer

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My overall impression

What’s to say that hasn’t been said? Engrossing, brilliantly written, brilliantly acted, brilliantly directed. Gorgeous imagery and dialogue within a barren, desolate world. Ben Moroski’s Boone (imagine if Sid Vicious and Danny Zucco fused) and Michael Shaw Fisher’s Chester (a grounded mix of Yosemite Sam and Sammy Hagar – complete with a “5150” namecheck) are wonderfully at each other’s throats and psyches for sixty minutes that I would gladly enjoy again. The character physicalization and language were top-notch. I came in expecting this to be amazing and I was STILL surprised and blown away by how good it was. Top of the Fringe, no question.

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