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one person show world premiere
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June 23, 2011
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My overall impression

Ricky Butler has written a biographical piece of depth and perspicacity about living on the knife’s edge in contemporary New York City. Ricky also stars in his one-man show, playing himself as an aspiring writer/actor and ten other characters. He attempts to carve a place for himself in New York as a writer/actor bumping up against a variety of people and circumstances – all of which are made real through Ricky’s acting skills and chameleon-esque plasticity. He plays a psychiatrist, Washington Square dope dealer, cafe owner, Gramercy Park denizen and more. The monologues are funny, daring, crazy, authentic. And, at the end of the show, after Ricky’s careened us through a drug high and subsequent crash, the sentimental, heartfelt truth is that he finds a way to go forward by trusting and caring for one person – the woman who claims his heart.

- Sarah Berges

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