The Rogues Gallery

solo performance · original classy broad productions · Ages 18+ · one person show · United States of America

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June 13, 2016 certified reviewer
tagged as: relationship · solo · cabaret · musical · pop · high energy · comedy

What I liked

From the moment Alison Logan explodes onto the stage you know you’re in for a memorable evening. At the outset you, the audience, are summoned to jury duty in order to pass judgement on the “rogues” who comprise her past relationships. Logan adopts the role of “prosecutor” and trots out a list of “charges” against four previous boyfriends whom she believes to have committed “crimes” both figurative and literal. Some are more heinous than others, though. As a performer Alison exudes a persona that seems overly eager to please which is humorous and entertaining in a one-hour dose. In presenting herself as a lawyer for the prosecution she has written herself a mouthful of legal jargon that sometimes trips her up. The fun really comes when she goes off-script to interact with the audience or react to something gone askew.

What I didn't like

The musical interludes could have been shorter and more focused. For instance: at one point an unflattering picture of an ex-boyfriend is drawn and destroyed during the singing of “You Ought to Know” which was very entertaining. I felt like many of the songs cried out for more action in a similar vein.
And, though it’s obvious that some of the “defendants” are horrible human beings, others may be more guilty of misdemeanors than the felonies they’re charged with.

My overall impression

Alison is a unique and highly entertaining personality. While “my bad relationships” is something of a trope in the solo performance genre, this show is fun and extremely quirky. The best moments in the show, however, are how Alison reacts when things go slightly off the rails.

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