The Truth

ensemble theatre · shine on · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere
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ANGELA SAUER certified reviewer June 22, 2016
Kudos to the brave souls who put a new twist on what a "play" is. Fun, inventive experience. ... full review
JEFF LAUB certified reviewer June 23, 2016
A fun, engaging show, that ranged from moving to funny to scary and made great use of technological integration. Admittedly, it was also at times confusing (it didn't help that one of our scenes was interrupted by a pickpocket making a getaway and nearly getting hit by a car. Hollywood!); I can't say for certain that I followed the thread of the story all the way through, but the mood and the immersion made for a very rewarding experience (and I LOVED the ending). Great job to this team on pushing the boundaries of what a Fringe show can be! ... full review
TERRY ANNE HOLZMAN uncertified reviewer June 24, 2016
I love the Fringe because of shows like "The Truth". Those that try for something unique even if they fail. And for me "The Truth" failed. Yes, the performance was "outside the box" because "The Truth" literally took place on the streets of Hollywood. However, it did not amount to much. Lots of build up for no payoff. It started out cool, asking if we six "test subjects" wanted to "learn the truth" which we all nodded 'yes' to. Then we were instructed to use our Smart Phones to access the "Shine Labs" website and listen to various soundtracks that added nothing to the performance for me. Sound that confused me and was jangly and garbled. Not sure of the point. We met strange characters on the street who I guess were trying to help p... full review
AARON DOWNES certified reviewer June 26, 2016
A very unique interactive experience. As we walked the streets of Hollywood, led by various characters, it was hard to tell who was an "actor" and who was a normal pedestrian that got caught up in the walking play.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 20, 2016
Fun event- plot unrolling needs tweaking ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 05, 2016
An interesting interactive experience. The show can go further with the media elements, but it was fun nevertheless. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 18, 2016
tagged as: walking theater
a creative original approach to theater.... full review