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The Wheel of Invention

comedy · awesometech industries · Ages 18+ · United States of America

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June 20, 2016 certified reviewer
tagged as: satire · Dystopian · zany

What I liked

Just the over all zaniness. A “Disneyland” satire (I hate Disneyland— esp after this week when a kid was taken by an alligator in one of their resorts! A piece about THAT would fit in perfecly in Weintraubsylvania!! Too soon??).

The show felt like two separate pieces ( and I understand the two acts were separately created). I especially loved the second half. The anamatronic tableau of the wonders of invention. The song “Wheel of Invention” sticks in your head. It’s funny but becomes dark as the drama progresses (“It’s a Small World” on crack). I kept singing the song and it made me think about what it represented! That the world is not ALWAYS a better place because of the latest and greatest new thing. I will remember that next time I want a new Apple gadget!!

What I didn't like

As I wrote above, it felt like two different pieces. I think I would love to see a full hour musical about the “Wheel of Invention” aspect and what technology can and cannot do. Or a different full hour on the horrors of a “Disneyland gone bad” (complete with child-eating alligators…I’m not saying that last part to be unfeeling or sick, but as a need to expose the Dark Side of “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

(Also the trial of the singing bears was not necessary in the tour of Weintraubsylvania. Show more weird attractions).

My overall impression

If you want to laugh at some hard-core zaniness, “Wheel of Invention” is your ticket. “Weintraubsylvania” is truly a “Disneyland Gone Bad”, esp the second half which is an anamatronic display with an upbeat theme song (a la “It’s a Small World”) with a tableau that goes so terribly bad as the drama progresses. If you are like me and do not care for “The Happiest Place on Earth” and all that goes with it…this show is for you.

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