The Milford Project

musicals and operas · martin and oeser · Ages 16+ · United States

world premiere
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June 13, 2011

My overall impression

I like a show that makes me laugh out loud and Milford delivers more than its share of fun thanks to Oeser, a comedy writer who has trained with Upright Citizens Brigade and created numerous video hits for Funny or Die. Martin’s songs that are bright and serviceable enough, but at times I had to strain to hear the singers over the musicians. That’s unfortunate because Martin and Oeser’s lyrics are quite clever and it’s a shame to miss any of the jewels embedded within.

The cast is an enthusiastic group with good comic chops as a whole and an appealing commitment to the over-the-top style, although the singing is uneven. Matthew Boehm is very likeable as Richie and cast standouts include John LeMay as the power-hungry agent who kidnaps him, Desi Domo as one of Dr. Plumstead’s sexy minions, and Kelsey Robinson as Student #2. Hint: it’s all about the ants. Jake Regal, as Richie’s gawky friend Gerald also turns in a hysterically funny performance. He’s got physical comedy down to, well, a science.

The one-act musical does seem a bit long at 90 minutes and could easily be tightened up. That said, The Milford Project is full of potential, has a great fun factor, and provides a whole lotta laughs.

Ellen Dostal, Musicals in LA

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