The Milford Project

musicals and operas · martin and oeser · Ages 16+ · United States

world premiere
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June 11, 2011
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A Review of “Thw Milford Project”

As a long time participant and observer of the Fringe Festival of New York City, I was not surprised when the premiere of this play was packed with audience connected to the show as girlfriends/boyfriends, family members, neighbors of the cast and producers who hooted, laughed, cheered and otherwise thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Unfortunately, I was not so encumbered and prejudiced to extol the virtues of the show that was my first experience of the LA version of the Fringe Festival.

Right from the very start, the music compositions, arrangements and lyrics lacked real substance and attempted to rise above the typical “Fame” structure. The opening and concluding number of ensemble cast members was a poor shadow of “One” from A CHORUS LINE. I had to wait until the fourth song, “We Are Smarter Than You” was I roused from the drowse I was falling into. The actresses gave a lively rendition, especially Desi Domo, who stood out with her sexy dancing and singing.

The dialogue and plot lines seem to enrapture the Hollywood crowd there, but I found the feebly attempted satire and camp to be sophomoric and annoying, cartoonish and cardboardish. A usual episode of “Sesame Street” was more intellectually and in-the-gut funny.

Although the cast was well rehearsed and gave at least an enthuisiastic, energetic and professional performance, the direction and tech suppport was amateur and seemed to be accomplished by the 13 year old who was the main character. Given the limitations of the Fringe Festival requirements, the show lacked serious merit overall.

Marcalan Glassberg 6/10/11

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