The Songs of the Fall

musicals and operas · ben boquist · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere

“This show is phenomenal.”

“Wow. By the end of act I, I had laughed out loud dozens of times and even wept twice. By the end of the show, I was standing clapping until my hands hurt.”

“So emotional! And the music gets stuck in your head. I want the soundtrack. And I want to see this ten more times!”

“Beautiful music, great talent, and unexpectedly touching. I saw more than a few people holding back tears during the show’s more emotional moments. I would love to see this show again!…”

“You’ll be talking about it for weeks and humming the songs for at least as long.”

“Pleasantly surprised… When I hear a story has a Biblical theme, I get a little nervous. However, this musical was an entirely fresh and quirky take on the creation story. Adam and Eve, reincarnated through the ages, forever in search of one another? God as three people, an old man, a transsexual, and a little girl? A sexy Lucifer who is surprisingly sympathetic?”

“The songs were great, and I’m still humming them days later. I wish there was a soundtrack available.”

“I highly recommend checking this production out. It is highly entertaining, thoughtful, and funny. Well worth your time. I know we will see more of this talented young playwright.”

Loved Songs of the Fall. The script is funny, the themes deep, the concepts quirky, and the music catchy. What’s not to like?

SONGS OF THE FALL is an ambitious, thoughtful, interesting retelling of the fall of Man, through the actions of Adam & Eve, from the Garden of Eden. The story is intriguing and engaging. (I would love to see how this show would soar with the benefit of a real budget.) Composer/writer Ben Boquist has a pearl of an idea here! I was glad I got to see it. Only 2 more performances!…

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran