La Puerta Abierta

ensemble theatre · el teatro de la realidad · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere

La Puerta Abierta (The Open Door) takes place in Mexico and is about the adventures of a small-town young woman who leaves home in order to find work in the city.

She is robbed of her purse and her cell-phone at the train station, but meets a prostitute who recruits her by introducing her to her pimp. She falls in love with the pimp and eventually ends up homeless on the streets when he kicks her out because of her drinking.

Meanwhile her co-workers, one of whom is infected with HIV find a way to escape their work. One has a musical talent and a touring North American musician befriends her, recognizes her talent and takes her to the States. Another is treated for HIV and finds a different line of work. Our heroine’s mother never stops looking for her daughter, who is eventually persuaded by the local priest to return home. When she arrives back home, she discovers that her mother has left the door open since she first ran away to the city.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran