Boss: The Untold Tony Danza Story

comedy · outcast theatre company · United States of America

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June 10, 2015 certified reviewer

My overall impression

“Boss: The Untold Tony Danza Story” fires HARD on all cylinders. The cast is not only talented, but extremely well rehearsed (something you can’t say about most fringe shows this year). The writing is quick, witty and accessible. I admit, I’ve never seen an episode of “Who’s The Boss?” so I was a bit unsure going in whether or not I would understand references or the show in general. Writer, Damien Luvara, has carefully taken his laymen audience into consideration while still staying true to the source material. I had a couple friends that know “Who’s The Boss?” backwards and forwards that came along with me and they were repeating lines and talking about past episodes that were referenced (quite subtle at times) in the show. Just a joy to watch from the second the play starts until it ends. It is easy to see why this show won the Encore Producer’s Award last year and who’s to say it won’t win again this year? The script is tighter, the directing by Matt Ritchey is SOLID. Great physical humor and Ritchey really knows how to make his actors shine. I’m not spoiling a second of this plot, you should just go get your boss on.

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