Dare To Dream

musicals and operas · morris productions · United States of America

family friendly world premiere

DARE TO DREAM: A rock opera, written and produced by Dana Morris. This musical is about pursuing your life’s dreams and goal and the obstacles that come along on your journey. There are just 6 chracters, who have titles not names. The DREAMER (M) is the lead, and acts as sort of a narrator/ringmaster to the show, leading three people on their life’s journey. They are the STAR (F) (Hollywood starlet), the ATHLETE(Professional basketball player) and the EXEC (F) (Wall street type Executive). Along their journey they meet GOOD (F) (representing good choices/God) and BAD (M) (representing bad choices/the devil) and must choose which path and choices to make in life. Throughout the show the Dreamer is creating a live painting as he interpret’s their dreams, that eventually is revealed in a surprise at the end of the show with a message. This show is in the style of JOSEPH or PIPPIN and is bright, colorful, family friendly, and jam packed with 23 original songs of all styles/genres. With live music, splashy costumes, great choreography and talented singers, this is a MUST see for Fringe!

Production Team

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