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one person show world premiere

Through storytelling, vignettes, and poetry, “Sincerely” is a story about the “tumble years,” when everything from heartbreak, to a night in jail, to an apartment break-in and three months of nomadic couch-hopping, to lost body parts in door hinges of jobs you hate, all happen in the mere span of two years time. Relying on humor, all the fix-it tricks she can get her hands on, and the letters from strangers that arrived once a week in the mail, writer and performer Leslie Murphy takes you to the rock bottom, up through the thick of it, and back out the side window. “Sincerely” explores what it means to recognize yourself, even at your worst, and why the connections we find in the least likely of places are sometimes the ones we need most. This is NOT a show about finding happiness, however, so don’t be fooled. Happiness is never what it seems.

Leslie Murphy received the Ezra Buzzington Spirit Of The Fringe award for best female performance in the 2013 Hollywood Fringe Festival for her performance in “Ryan Is Lost.”

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