I Am Already Well

solo performance · already well/plexus dance theatre/ shen productions · Ages 13+ · United States of America

one person show

A Psychologist Uses Theatre, Teaching, Therapy and Improvisation to Connect with Herself and Her Audience

Dr. Denee Jordan, a clinical psychologist and veteran performer, presents a startlingly intimate look at her process of facing her fears on stage for all to see. Why? Therapy is usually personal and rarely open to public viewing. She gets on stage because she knows that ‘talking’ about something and ‘doing’ something are very different things and she wants to make a point.
Dr. Jordan, a Clinical Psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist for nearly 30 years, is the founder of a perspective on wellness called ‘Already Well’; which is built on the premise that when we recognize our magnificence before we change anything about our lives, we become liberated and empowered to grow, learn, heal, and to achieve in ways that aren’t possible otherwise. In the play, I AM Already Well’, she says, “When we recognize our magnificence, right now, without changing anything, we become liberated to change everything.”
Dr. Jordan takes the audience through the ‘Already Well’ transformation using teaching, conversation, storytelling and theatre; including highly skilled characterizations of her own personality ‘characters’, including: ‘Roger the Rager’, ‘Verna Eterna’, and ‘Cosmosia’; meanwhile, the audience has the rare opportunity to identify the ‘characters’ of their own personalities and experience discovery, resolution, affirmation and inspiration through entertainment; all without going to see a ‘shrink’. (i.e. a theatre ticket is much cheaper than psychotherapy). The audiences and theatre critics have been stunned by the show; the message, the acting, and by its very personal, and very positive effect. The show is funny, bizarre, sad, and poignant; is certainly unique, and not something that has been done before.

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Production Team

* Fringe Veteran