The Cowboy Soul Contest Rehearsal

comedy · play in the box · Ages 12+ · world premiere · United States of America

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June 27, 2015 certified reviewer
tagged as: cowboy soul · comedy

My overall impression

What a treat to see this play. It is extremely timely considering contemporary support for poetry slams (cowboy or otherwise), and the Moth series/stories on NPR. ‘Cowboy Soul’ is a parody on Moth, on ego vs. searching for sincerity through the public sharing of (supposedly) personal experience. There is poetry in this play, humor, surprises, heart and music (literally). The venue is small, but works—although I hope this play finds a bigger home in the future. It’s worth it. 60 minutes can either last a lifetime or zoom by—and thanks to the engaging writing of M. Nasorri Pavone and a solid cast (Michael Keith Allen keeps the contest moving along with an accent that can’t be missed), 60 minutes went by in a blink and I could have easily had more.

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