U and Me and My Best Friend P

solo performance · abby · Ages 8+ · United States of America

family friendly one person show world premiere
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LAURA PARK certified reviewer June 24, 2015
Go see you me and my best friend P! Such a fun show with the amazing and talented Abby Schachner!!! You will get completely pulled into her beautiful fairy tales that are full of genuine heart.... full review
SEAN BRADSHAW certified reviewer June 25, 2015
Abby Schachner follows her terrific show from last year’s Fringe festival with an equally well-crafted work of wonder. Inspired by children's storytelling, this delightful performance is full of tales and rhymes that stun an audience throughout. Her collection of alphabet letter poems and stories are hilarious and relatable, delivered through Abby’s comical characters and clever songs. Please enjoy true creativity in this festival while you can! ... full review
JON BERNSTEIN certified reviewer June 25, 2015
I believe Abby Schachner is brilliant. I was awestruck by her when she appeared at the Write Club at the Bootleg and have been following her ever since. Her love of language is abundantly self-evident, and her wordplay is mesmerizing. She is a true original, and one of LA's best-kept secrets. ... full review
PETER HESS certified reviewer June 26, 2015
I was glad that I ordered a ticket in advance because the small room was packed. I guess the word is getting out about Abby Schachner. I saw last year's "Schachner vs. Schachner" and liked it a lot. Abby's talent as a writer and performer was so apparent. Now, having seen "U and Me and My Best Friend P," I think she has a kind of genius (and I don't throw around the g word). I mean, who does this and makes it work? These sort of humor-laced fairytale poems. But they are so well-crafted that they seem like they have always been lying around just waiting to be picked up. The place was rocking with laughter from the outset. And then, once or twice, from nowhere, a little misty-eyed moment. So. Well-written: check. Fabulous lithe and livel... full review
DAVID BICKFORD certified reviewer June 26, 2015
I went to this show because I am an Abby Schachner fan and she did not disappoint. Her performances are so unique and engaging and funny. This one is kind of a kid's show for adults... poems about princes & princesses, alphabet rhymes, and so on. Really, the show description would not sound appealing to me, but in the hands of this master entertainer it was awesome. ... full review
JESSICA DEBRUIN certified reviewer June 28, 2015
Hilarious, awkward, unexpected, entertaining, wonderfully creative, and just so much fun! I loved the stories that Abby weaves together in a way that I can't imagine any other performer could. She is so much her authentic self, and she really takes the audience into her world through these vignettes which are irreverent, and at times delightfully inappropriate for children. I would definitely recommend this show as a nice foil to some of the egotistical self aggrandizing you inevitably see in theatre. A refreshing romp!... full review
PETER DOWNING certified reviewer June 28, 2015
Fantastic, funny, felicitous and fucking great! I consider it a gift to witness a performer so clearly doing what they're born to do. That describes Abby absolutely. A hybrid of adult and children's humor, bent and dented fairy tales, delightful alphabetical ditties and word play. And most importantly, totally original. Someone please find this woman an animator so we can see this on Adult Swim AND Sesame Street!... full review
MELISSA RANDEL certified reviewer June 28, 2015
Abby is an amazing performer, really unlike anyone else at Fringe. Her spontaneity is unparalleled - I always tell people when I describe her shows: if you look in the dictionary under "improvisational" you will see her picture. Her material resonates on many levels. It's delightfully irreverent, politically incorrect,(what a relief!) and highly entertaining. But it is also beautifully written, filled with poetry, irony, and metaphor, so it also touches deeper chords. Her wizardry with using the most basic of props and bringing them to life as something magical always astonishes me. Never miss an opportunity to see her. She will lift your spirits and make you feel like it's ok to be you, after all.... full review
BRENNA KELLY certified reviewer June 29, 2015
tagged as: AMAZING!! · articulate
What an incredible, imaginative, articulate adventure! Wow, refreshing and mischievous. A is for Abby Amazing!!!... full review
BRANDEE GOATCHER certified reviewer June 30, 2015
Performance was energetic and colorful. Plot was thoughtful, smart, and very funny. Abby is a delight! Would love to see more from her.... full review