The House by the Swamp

ensemble theatre · cerise films · Ages 12+ · Poland

world premiere
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June 10, 2015
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My overall impression

We attended the 10:00 PM preview performance of “The House By The Swamp” last Friday night, June 5th through a chance encounter made by my husband Lex (Leszek) and a former roommate of the production’s main actress/writer/producer Jola Cora.

“The House By The Swamp” is a complex, yet easily assimilated statement piece about the writer’s personal stand on a choice to live in honor of all living creatures and non-violence within a world characterized by the complete opposite. She sets the stage in a remote, even desolate home located well isolated from a village which is located within a military conflict engaged in by the ‘rebels.’ She comes to this place to care for an elderly doctor showing signs of dementia. The doctor is seamlessly played by Peter Altschuler, offering a flawless and top tier performance of his character. []
Jake Waxman as the leading man/Rebel delivers a superbly balanced blend of power, palpable masculinity and sexuality without overshadowing his strong-willed yet emotionally fragile leading lady or the rest of the troupe. Waxman brings a broad foundation of acting ability and adds credibility to his role. Plus, I had an opportunity to speak with him after the performance and he could charm the snow off a mountain; he was charming and generous and he readily accepted pieces of chocolate from my hand! []
Jola Cora has written a very ‘meaty’ commentary wrapped within a context of strife, layered by a depth of understanding indigenous to her European upbringing well advanced of her generation. I have seen this quality in many Polish artists and it presents as an earmark of the integrity and even genius of Polish contribution to the arts as a whole. [] Yes, it’s a bit rough, a bit choppy and there are even a few places that seem just a little bit out-of-sync yet she has captured my heart with her presentation, her smart performance and the naked vulnerability that she has so weaved within her multi-faceted story of what it means to be human. I highly recommend this play and I’m certain that you’ll be as intrigued and delighted as we were in attending!
Submitted by Susan Dion-Wesolowska

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