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Voyage of Odysseus

solo performance · enrichment works and feinman productions · Ages 5+ · family friendly · one person show · United States of America

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June 20, 2015

My overall impression

Okay, I’ll admit I’m not a fan of theatre. But I love a good story. And Josh Feinman’s Voyage of Odysseus is story-telling at it’s finest. And as little as I know about Greek Mythology, I feel like I got a totally accessible take on this well-fabled Odyssey. Feinman’s commitment to delivering a high-brow/low-brow, all-in performance held me every step of the way.

My four year old (who rarely volunteers for anything), leapt to the stage when Odysseus asked for sailors to come along on the journey. Along with kids, adult audience members were also brought up to participate.

And even if you are not onstage, you can’t sit back and watch. Feinman invites you to grab an oar and engage in this Odyssey, truly making it your own. Part tragedy. Part slapstick. All good. I highly recommend this Voyage seen by thousands around LA County, and sponsored by Enrichment Works.

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