Brett McMahon in California KiKi

solo performance · mb stage productions · Ages 21+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere

California Kiki is a late night cabaret show starring Brett McMahon. The show centers around Brett’s childhood, dreaming of being a singer, up in the SF bay area and moving to LA in his late teens to pursue his career. Like during the Golden Age of musical theater, Brett has taken 12 popular songs made famous by such singers as, Barbara Streisand, Queen, Jay Brannen, Beyoncé, and more and put them into his story. Imagine: Moulin Rouge, but instead of France we follow a young man from the Bay to LA. Realizing his dream early on in life, he had time to grow as a person spiritually. Growing up on a farm you would think that Brett would have dealt with shame and hiding his sexuality but his family and community did nothing but support. Why can’t all communities be like that? Coming out at 15 to pursue his high school crush, and going through the ever changing feelings of the Heart. What is true love? Brett searches for answers and intends on holding onto his belief that we all can help one another. Singing was the gift that he was given and intends on using it the only way he knows how. On the Stage. Crooning in the shower, and belting on the lawn-mower, Brett always idolized singers, especially women. Women are strong, beautiful and amazing. Something Men can definitely take a lesson in. The world is caught up in power and masculinity, but life is a balance and because Brett is a Libra he can’t have one with out the other. Femininity ,fragility, Strength and Manliness go hand in hand. Brett has always had a sarcastic sense of humor but is trying to be more Positive as life dishes out more headaches. Dealing with life’s many obstacles such as Family, Love, Sex, Work, Self Worth, Substance Abuse, and Acceptance of yourself

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran