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June 14, 2015 original article
tagged as: satire · Dark Comedy · Absurdist · comedy · fast paced

My overall impression

Excerpt of my Review for “Bye-Bye” from The Nickel Press:

Fast paced and witty, layered with human despair and cruelty, this production skillfully remains entertaining and fun while enlightening the audience to Byberry’s historical shocking events. At points seemingly outlandish, the story is based on actual recorded testimony and verified events from the century-spanning Philadelphia State Hospital. Scenes overlap and multiple acts occur concurrently, creating an engaging use of space on stage. The cast of nine believably plays 37 different characters on stage, each with their distinct quirks and satirical names, such as Representative Porky and Congressman Pinhead. A truly talented cast is necessary to pull off this type of production and their versatility and energy is gratifying to witness. “Bye-Bye,” a refreshingly humorous take on a dismal theme, presents skillful staging, fast paced action, multifaceted actors, clever dialogue and a blending of time to tell the century long story of a truly frightening place.

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