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June 17, 2015 certified reviewer

My overall impression


I will be honest and say I haven’t sat down in a theater to see anything in a Long while. The week to weekend had been a bit rough. And a friend said to check out the Fringe Festival and Eleemosynary.. Well I missed the Friday performance. I’m glad I didn’t miss the Sunday one. I wasn’t sure what to expect.. but I realized I was in the play, into the story. The characters.. The generations and the trip thru time following three women with their own style of genius. How much was I into the play?

The characters the direction it was taking. I lived thru some of that and was having humorous memories and going: ooh yeah I can relate to the.. Yes that Excentric… Memories in full and the fears of.. well personal point of view you should go see for yourself. I don’t want to give things away. Relatable.

And well I was smiling.
and giggling with the audience, sighing jumping at those moments.

The performance was more than just a dramady. Clearly the actions and progression of generations was an amazing performance by the actors. Actors performing and expressing not only three generations: The changing times and periods of life as the story unfolds/refolds is not easy. The three actors perform their Characters and timely changes (Without changing of costumes, Groucho mustachios, or Kent glasses) Brilliantly!

And the direction and course of the play was just what it was and needed to express 3 generations. Fantastic..

well humorously I’ll say Funtastic. Drawing you into those emotion awkward to anger, shock and wondering… well

A Play I would say Go See..
in a critical way it was well timed/timely/timless, expressed, performed, directed, written.
Yes overpraised but with well thought minimalism in set..lit to mood.

So go see. Go relate/sympathize.
Kudos to all… for letting me smile. Letting me relate.

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