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June 16, 2015 certified reviewer

My overall impression

The set is deliberately spare; the emotions are not.

Three generations of women are played superbly by three young actresses (Sienna Beckman, Kari Swanson, and Alyson Terwilliger). Deftly directed by Miranda Stewart, ELEEMOSYNARY is a play about their relationships with each other. Each scene switches backwards and forwards in time, and yet it all works.

Dorothea, the matriarch, when she is stymied in getting an education, takes refuge in being an eccentric.

Artie, who becomes a mother too soon, fights for and gets her education as a scientist, but at a cost.

And Echo, raised primarily by her grandmother, is a fighter, and a champion speller.

The play (and the word play too) stays with you, as you wonder what lies ahead for these fully-realized characters, and what future they will make together.

Go see ELEEMOSYNARY. It’s an amazing experience.

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