Uncle Impossible's Funtime Variety & Ice Cream Social

cabaret & variety · arcade cavalcade · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere

The original Uncle Impossible was an Imaginary Friend & beloved Children’s Show Host paving the way for those like Captain Kangaroo & The Muppet Show. Later in his life, he became a recluse & a shut-in up until his passing. Upon his passing he left a large inharetance to his only living heir; his estranged and eccentric nephew Rex The Impossible. In his Uncle’s will, it states that Rex would inherit the large fortune only if he continues his beloved uncle’s show “Uncle Impossible’s Funtime Variety & Ice Cream Social”. Rex agreed to the terms, but decides to do it HIS way, making it an Adult Version of a Saturday Morning Kid’s Show.

With the help from his Oddly Sweet Sidekick; Princess Bebop A’Lula, Rex The Impossible brings the new “Uncle Impossible’s Funtime Variety & Ice Cream Social” on stage by blending the Whimsy of Saturday Morning Kids Shows & Cartoons that we all know & love with Zany Adult themed Variety Acts creating an off the wall experience…….possibly with Ice Cream.

Every Show has Different Performers!!

Thursday June 11th – 10:15pm
- Nikita Bitch Project – (Burlesque)
- Micah Cover – (Magic)
- Dr. Princess Lady Scoutington – (Musical Comedy)
- Alex Bistrevsky – (Hat & Cane Juggling)

Saturday June 13th 11:15pm
- Greta Grenade – (Burlesque)
- Mike O’Connell – (Comedy)
- Haley Kooyman – (Pantamime)
- Vincent Wolf – (Sword Swallowing)
- Joey Dynomite – (Classic Sideshow Acts)

Sunday June 14th – 4:00pm
- Jessabelle Thunder – (Burlesque)
- Dyno Staats – (Magic)
- Mr. Snapper & Mr. Buddy – (Musical Comedy)
- Deanna Deadly – (Burlesque)

Saturday June 20th – 1:45pm
- Ra Ra Sisbomba – (Burlesque)
- Pony Death Ride – (Musical Comedy)
- Holly Go Darkly – (Jazz)
- Phil Van Tee – (Magic)

Sunday June 21st – 7:00pm
- Jack Heartless – (Burlesque)
- Brady Spindle – (Music)
- Jonathan Cripple – (Comedy)
- Cathy Kay: Mystic-A-Muse – (Hypnosis)

Thursday June 25th – 11:15pm
- Pearl Lux – (Burlesque)
- Wacko – (Magic)
- DeeDee Perks – (Stunt Hoops)
- Safari So Goody – (Music & Juggling)

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran