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ensemble theatre · cdc productions · Ages 17+ · United States of America

world premiere

It’s the Fall of 2000, in New York City, and Peter Maddox and Emily Winter are two, late twenty-somethings, struggling to find direction with their lives until a chance encounter between them escalates into the possibility of something more. Their budding romance is quickly put to the test, however, when unforeseen obstacles and societal pressures begin to amass around them. Now, with the encroaching city and their own fears knocking at the door, they’ll be faced with one of life’s most difficult dilemmas; the dilemma of free will.

featuring -
Alexander Roberts, Marquel Skinner, Claire Kirk, Lane Allison, Tyler Courtad, Hugh Kinslow, David Coretti, Diana Caravella and Brighid Fleming

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran