Wombat Man: The Cereal Murders

comedy · big pink dolphin productions · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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June 22, 2015
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THEATRE REVIEW #288 – Wombat Man-The Cereal Murders
“Fun, Fresh, Campy & Tongue-n-Cheek – “Wombat Man” is Hysterically Charming!”

Written By Lorenzo Marchessi
Writer and director Chrisi Talyn Saje must have had a blast writing, designing and directing this show for the stage. “Wombat Man: The Cereal Murders” was a surprisingly refreshing tongue-n-cheek comedy that looks, sounds, feels and performs like the campiness of the original 1960’s ‘Batman’ series with Adam West and Co.. Visually designed and written like a TV episode, this tells the adventure of our Super Hero, Wombat Man, dealing with the mysterious murders of our favorite and beloved breakfast cereal icons – Tony the Tiger, Lucky of Lucky Charms and even Snap, Crackle and Pop! Another fantastic edition to the Hollywood Fringe Festival!

Complete with hysterical narration that is more commentary than scene set up, the breaking of the 4th wall and including the audience in on their seriousness, campy Wombat ‘fist-fighting’ (with the huge signs that say ZAP and POW with every hit thrown) and the always popular cliff-hanger at the end of act one (usually done at commercial breaks on TV and you have to wait till next week to see the end of the story) – this play visually looks and feels like the original Adam West ‘Batman’ series of the 60’s complete with the 60’s colors, mod styles, make-up and costuming.

Brian Cunningham is the Super Hero Wombat Man (with apparently no alter identity) and Brian is energetic and honest yet perfectly simply minded to only do good in the world. His voice modulation ads to the humor and believability to the character that you would swear he walked off a 60’s set. His delivery of every passionate observation is so much fun to watch. Bam! Great job Brain!

Jan-David Soutar plays Trix of ‘Trix The Rabbit’ cereal fame was perfectly cast for this campy and very satirical villain of the story. Jan-David says exactly what the audience is thinking. Smartly performed and always letting the audience in on his thoughts, he gives the villain role a very campy and fun twist while still being mean and diabolical too! His goal…he wants his Tric – because – as you know – ‘Trix are for kids!’ Ka-Pow! Kncokin’ Em dead with humor Jan-David!

John Wallis does wonderfully in multiple roles but really shines as Commissioner Borden as he is often satirical and sometimes unaware of his own world. John plays it broadly and with hi energy so well that you can’t help but laugh at his every word. His Lucky of ‘Lucky Charms’ cereal fame was simply Irtish-Tastic! Omplete with the spring in his step and the friendly Irish accent – he was just….’….charming to the last!’ Hat’s off John! Nicely done.

Clare Wess Yauss is Lucy Trix’s right hand man (woman) – assistant – who knows how to mess things up as much as she does keeping her nails and hair perfect. Clare is having a ball with her character as she practically foils all of Trix’s schemes. Her wonderful costuming, wig and make-up make the perfect ornament on this tree of fun! Sockem Too Ya Clare! Fabulous!

Chrisanne Eastwood plays Gladys, the only one who knows Wombat Man’s secret identity (and where he lives) is the level headed, sarcastic and often negative housekeeper – best friend to Wombat Man. Chrisanne is playing her role to the tee! Not leaving any of her hysterical thoughts in heard head, she verbalizes that Jewish angst perfectly! Ya got it Clare, Ya got it good!

Jim McCaffree plays Police Chief Leibowitz and along with his Tony the Tiger is having a blast. It’s just hysterical to watch the Chief’s obsession with the movie ‘Frozen’ as he almost sings a song in every scene. He and John really have some fun chemistry together!

Trix has his henchman played by Dan Horstman as Spoon and the hysterically rhythmic John Potter and Milk who together with Lucy, bumble every caper and unintentionally make life for Trix impossible. The three make for the perfect fumbling foils for the villain known as Trix

Steve Jun plays the newly lost – but now found – reluctant ‘sidekick’ who has a hard time taking Wombat Man and his efforts seriously. Steve was very serious and straight laced with his character which was a nice contrast to the over-the-top and very colorful performances all around him.

Such a fantastically fun frolic of a Super Hero farce with a tongue-n-cheek comedy flair that will make you laugh out loud the whole time through. Big Pink Dolphins production of “Wombat Man: The Cereal Murders” is truly so much fun, fresh and original – that everyone in the family will love it! I never thought an adventure caper with such freshness and a ‘Super Hero’ with so much to learn about his world of villains could be so much darn fun! ©2015 TheGeek Authority.com & ©2015 LandMProductions.com https://www.facebook.com/TheGeekAuthority

Pic 001 – Top L – Jim McCaffree, Jan-David Soutar, John Wallis – Top R – Chrisanne Eastwood, Brian Cunningham, Steve Jun – Center – Brian Cunningham – Bottom L – Clare Wess Yauss, Jan-David Soutar, Dan Horstman, John Potter – Bottom R – John Wallis, Jim McCaffree, Brian Cunningham

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