Wombat Man: The Cereal Murders

comedy · big pink dolphin productions · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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June 21, 2015
tagged as: #SkipItLA

My overall impression

#SkipItLA – I love the concept of this show and the pre-show music of TV show theme songs had me singing along while re-living parts of my childhood – who knew I still know all of the words for the Inspector Gadget theme song? However, despite the cast’s total commitment – I rather enjoyed Wombatman and Trix the Rabbit – this script doesn’t hold up. It is about half an hour too long – a good hunk of that is the unnecessary intermission – misses the mark on the style, can’t pick which era it’s in – Lucy is dressed like she’s in the 70’s but the sargeant keeps singing songs from Frozen – and could use a workshop or two to fine-tune the jokes and character arcs. I would love to see this remounted after the script has been given a thorough re-working.

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