Wombat Man: The Cereal Murders

comedy · big pink dolphin productions · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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June 17, 2015 original article

My overall impression

You really couldn’t ask for a better premise. In this parody of the campy 1960s Batman TV show, Wombat Man investigates a string of cereal icon murders (Tony the Tiger, Lucky the Leprechaun) at the hand of the Trix Rabbit, who has just about reached his breaking point after decades of being denied a taste of his namesake cereal. Wombat Man, as dumb as he is sincere, bumbles along searching for clues and trying, like so many before him, to stop that rabbit.

In this throw-everything-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks production, the execution leaves quite a bit to be desired. Though the show is not without its amusing moments, it too often relies on clammy jokes and pop culture references in place of actual humor. (By the time the third non-sequitur Frozen cover roles around, the audience really starts to question if the gag is worth the run time.)

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