Dear Hollywood: A modern day actress from a bygone era

solo performance · just wright · Ages 10+ · United States of America

family friendly one person show
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June 26, 2015 certified reviewer
tagged as: sparkly · energetic · Skillful · witty · Fast-paced · funny · delightful · silly

My overall impression

It was well worth the moderately long journey to Hollywood Fringe to see “Dear Hollywood.”

Julisa Wright showcased her many talents in this sweet journaled road trip from hometown to Hollywood. Witty writing and quick pacing made the 30 minutes fly by. Ms Wright revealed many characters from crazy to cute via her definitive development and physical/vocal performance skills. Veteran actress “Lola Swanson” provided the thread that tied the story together, Dahling!

Pluck and spunkiness defined Mary, the star-struck youngster, who followed her dream – one that was full of bumps AND grinds! Entertainment ghosts accompanied Mary along her journey including songstress Garland and silent legends Keaton and Chaplin. They guided the young girl’s path along the way to her “I’m gonna put on a show” decision at the end. Ticket-home confetti!

Ms Wright’s stage skills of improv (what to do when the tech goes wrong), mime, quick change, and impersonation energized the half-hour romp. Multiple well-timed one-liners threw punches at the audience throughout.

Contemporary, timely, and nostalgic, “Dear Hollywood” was a sparkly introduction to this talented little bundle of theatrical electricity. Well done, Ms Wright.

Don’t stop.

Brian Adams

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