Sin, A Pop Opera

musicals and operas · -- · Ages 21+ · United States of America

world premiere

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“Sin is an engaging evening. The cabaret staging suits the space of three clubs and they use the atmosphere to their advantage. It explores classic themes with a twist that are worth revisiting. It is a show with its heart on its sleeve. It is not campy or ironic; it is touching and lovely.” —Fringe reviewer Lisa K. Wyatt

“First things first, if this is what a pop opera is I need more of them in my life. The music was catchy, the lyrics did their job without getting in the way, and the voices, these performers have pipes!" —Fringe reviewer Graydon Schlichter

“Yasmein commands the stage and your attention. This diva should be on everyone’s radar soon.” —Rob Stevens, Haines His Way

…the songs are distinct from each other, and a few have stayed with me even a week after seeing the show…Recasting the relationship as one of a woman scorned by an arrogant and inattentive Creator of All is both fresh and funny…" —Dan Johnson, Dan In LA

Quoted from reviewer Joel Beers: “The place was standing-room only…this visual artist definitely knows how to write and arrange a tune…approximately 20 numbers… Most have distinct melodies, and a few I actually remember 24 hours after seeing the show…I can’t say that too often for a new musical…the cast (including the chorus/dancers Kirby Harrell and Natalie Williams) is enthusiastic and game, and Kennedy and Yasmein in particular possess ample vocal chops."

Goldstar reviewer: “Amazing, what a talented cast, the songs were great. A set of pipes on that devilish girl. Loved it"

The devil, a sexy and world-weary woman separated from her ex-husband God, connives and plots to get a burnt-out Hollywood music producer and innocent pop-star wannabe together to prove to the world who the real “sinner” is in this sexy, dark and lively sung-through pop/rock opera. Packed with catchy, driving songs in a variety of pop/rock/dance styles, get ready for a thought-provoking evening of “sin”-ful fun.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran