My Sister

e&e hinkler · Ages 10+ · United States of America

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MY SISTER, by Janet Schlapkohl, is a two woman show performed by identical twins that explores perceptions of disability played against the backdrop of history, specifically 1934 Berlin. The play moves between an apartment and a Cabaret, between performance and illness, conformity and self-expression. In the extreme we can see how culture influences how we see ourselves and how we see those we love. At heart the play is a simple story of twin sisters trying to survive and realize their dreams as the world collapses around them, and eventually comes between them.

The play centers around the relationship of Magda, a Cabaret performer, and Matilde, her writer, who also has Cerebral Palsy.

This play sends a message that is for all audiences and we wish to share it with Hollywood Fringe. Disability and human rights awareness is a key factor in this play and is shown in a new light through the uniquely intimate relationship of Magda and Matilde.

Production Details:
This 65-minute play was written for Emily and Elizabeth Hinkler by playwright Janet Schlapkohl, and was first developed in December 2012. The show premiered in September 2013 at the University of Iowa. In October 2013, the play moved on to Riverside Theatre Company in Iowa City, Iowa, and received so much praise and support that it traveled to the Quad Cities Theatre Workshop in January 2014, and by popular demand had an extended weekend of performances. Hollywood Fringe 2015 is MY SISTER’s next step to share this vital message with audiences across the nation.

Script Preview:
“All Theatres have this smell, ja? Fear, exhilaration, exhaustion, sweat. We loved it, my sister and I. I am a Schwillinge. German for twin. Identical in our case. The surname of our family was Schweinefuss. It translates, Schwein: Pig, Fuss: feet. A joke, ja? Okay, not a good one. For stage we used the name, Weiss. I talk with you a little so you can understand how it was then. Ja? Within a nightmare began our dreams.”

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